Types of Stone Tiles You May Never Know

Stone tiles will fit when installed in most parts of your house, especially bathrooms, kitchens, and front rooms. Stone tiles make the floor last longer while still giving classy visuals. It would be best if you chose the stone tile carefully because the price is relatively high and tend to be difficult to remove when installed. Here are some types of stone tiles that you may never know:


This type of stone tiles is very easy to apply anywhere, even in wet areas. Slate has a variety of thicknesses and textures. Compared to other types, slate is classified as having a more affordable price. Slate also has a good visual color and surface texture.


Granite is available in a variety of colors. It also has a mineral spec that makes it very adaptive and flexible to adjust the design and concept of your home. The colors are ranging from blue, purple, olive-green to gray. Because the color variations are very diverse, granite with rare color is very expensive. Usually, stone tiles with attractive colors and certain sizes, such as large grey stone tiles, have prices that tend to be more expensive.


Limestone tiles offer a visual surface that has many color tones. Starting from the faded white color, the color of warm honey, to colors such as light gray and dark brown. Texture choices also range from soft textures to fossil textures. The price offered varies from low to high. The price match to the color and texture of the limestone. The simpler surface texture, the more affordable the price.


Travertine has a porous surface with small holes. Travertine looks like a hard sponge. Usually, the best quality travertine tends to have small pores and offer a more attractive color choice. Travertine price depends on its pores and colors.

Those are some types of stone tiles that you may never know before. Stone tile with various types, sizes, colors, and prices can be seen at Amber Tiles. You can access complete information through www.ambertiles.com.au.