Tips for Choosing the Right Home Floor Material

The floor is part of the interior of the house that needs a beautiful design. Choose the materials carefully, or it would interfere with the comfort of the residents of the house. The floor not only functions as aesthetic value of a dwelling but also must have a practical value. Therefore, choosing a home flooring material requires the following considerations.

1. The floor must be in line with the function of the room

The first tip in selecting the type of material for the floor is to consider the room function. The tile for the bathroom floor is not suitable to apply to the main room floor. The use of wood flooring for bathrooms is also not the right choice because the bathroom requires a water-resistant material and a little rough, so it is not slippery. Also, floor weights must be considered.

For example, in a car garage, of course, the selection of thin ceramic floors is not right because it will break easily and make tires slip. So it requires a durable floor material such as granite, which has pores to absorb spills from car oil.

2. Room Size Can Determine Tile Size

Room size can also be a consideration of the type of tile material you will use. For a narrow room, you should not use small tiles because it will make the room feel cramped. Choose medium to large floor tiles for medium room floors. Also, the size of the room determines the color of the tiles.

3. Floor Types Affect How to Clean It

Residents of the house often overlook the third factor. The type of flooring material you use will affect the way of cleaning and maintenance of the floor.

For example, for the carpet flooring, it needs a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. In contrast, marble floors are very susceptible to chemicals in liquid floor cleaners, although they are actually quite easy to clean.

Therefore, if you are a busy person, then choose a material that is easy to clean, such as boards or vinyl tiles.

4. Price Can Determine Quality

Do not be tempted by the price of cheap flooring material, because it could be an inexpensive floor that will require expensive maintenance costs. The high-quality material would surely have a high-quality price.