Running An Errand Business

The Errand business is a great home business idea for two simple reasons, it is easy and simple to start and secondly it requires very little capital. So if you have been thinking about a home business idea why not go ahead with this type of business.

Today the work atmosphere is highly charged; with 9 to 5 jobs that often extend well into weekends most people are left with little to no time to take care of chores and errands. Things like dropping off mail or parcels, buying groceries, picking up laundry, dropping off video, taking the care for servicing or a wash etc. are just some of the things that eat away into weekly offs or weekends. Most people would rather lounge around and catch up with family and friends.

That is why there is a growing section of the society which does not mind paying people to take care of tasks that they don?t want to waste time over. This is where you come in.

As the owner of an errand business it will be your job to run errands for your clients. The scope of your job of course is entirely your decision. Before getting into this business, you might want to decide in advance what services or errands you are willing to run for your clients. Also you will need to decide if you want to run errands for people or for businesses and corporations.

What You Will Need

The most important requirement in this business is transportation. Since you never know where all your errands will take you, self or personal transport is a big plus. Also a two way communication is essential so you may want to invest in a pager, a cell-phone a land line connection with an answering machine to take orders when you are not around.

Although this business can be run from both home and office, a little private space like an extra room or some garage space is ideal.


The pricing policy in this business is defined by the following considerations

Area of operation (center of the city or the suburbs)


What the competition is charging

On an average the going rate in the errand service business falls between $15 and $20 and upwards per hour.

You?re Target Market

Although you can expect to be running errands for all kinds of people, the highest instances of revenue will be generated by corporate sector and the more affluent classes who can easily afford to shell out money to get their errands taken care off.

However some other areas from where you can expect business are dry cleaners, post offices, banks, department stores, video shops, grocery stores, among other places of business.