Recognize Recruiter Types

Job vacancies are huge opportunities for job seekers to prove themselves. Many applicants are competing to offer themselves to several companies in the hope that they will be accepted as employees. Someone in charge of selecting and finding prospective workers is called a recruiter. Recruiter is an important part of the recruitment process, one of which is Criterion Asia, a Recruitment Company Bangkok. For those of you who trust a recruiter to get new employees, you should first identify the following three types of recruiter:

1. Reactive Recruiter

This type of recruiter usually only depends on placing advertisements on the job portal. They hope that there are prospective employees interested in registering without mastering the prospective employee selection technique. It is why the companies often feel disadvantaged because the costs incurred to put up advertisements in the job portal swell, while none of the prospective employees has met their needs.

2. Proactive Recruiter

Unlike reactive recruiter, the proactive recruiter has better expertise in selecting prospective employees. This type of recruiter will not arbitrarily select employees. A proactive recruiter will use sales techniques, namely “selling” the company to get potential workers according to the required criteria.

3. Interactive Recruiter

In conducting the recruitment process for prospective employees, the interactive recruiter has effective techniques and strategies. They will lure targets, especially those who have quality expertise and talents by building professional relationships. Qualified workers become the most crucial component in an interactive recruitment assessment.

A recruiter has a considerable influence on the quality of workers in a company. Therefore, the recruitment strategy must be considered well. The recruiter’s expertise needs to be questioned if there are any of the following signs:

1. The period for filling out vacancies exceeds the specified deadline.

2. If you have passed the interview process several times and have not yet found the desired candidate, your recruiter argues that there is no appropriate candidate to register.

3. Costs incurred to place advertisements on the job portal exceed the budget, while the recruiter has not found any prospective employee as desired.

Those are some types of recruiters with different skills and strategies. Make sure your trust the right recruiter to help you select prospective workers.