A Guide for Influencer to Work with Top Brand

Not only big-name influencers that secure top brand collaborations. With good access and a good audience, also micro-influencers can work with major brands. As you put your best foot forward with a click-optimized blog, to utilizing the power of influencer gifting. The following are a guide on how to work with top brands.

Build an engaged followers

It seems that your followers very important. And it may easy to get discouraged by influencers using underhanded tactics to boost their engagement. While those who have to put in the hard yards to build an authentic. Loyal followers base will immediately attractive to top brands.

Bigger is not always better

The brands looking for quality not quantity in their brand collaborations. Most bloggers who can prove they have an authentic and engage followers base will stand out from the pack. The micro-influencers became the buzz word in 2017, to be able to show your account is not saturated with sponsored posts. It rather filled with content that targets a highly-engaged niche. This makes you highly-attractive to top brands.


The brands increasingly look to engage micro-influencers for gifting collaborations. Signing up for these type of collaborations a great way to get your foot in the door when working with a top brand.

Know Your Strength

By dredging into your Instagram insights and analyzing your audience demographic. Work to your strengths and make yourself even more appealing to brands. An influencer marketing no longer about follower count alone, if your follower count is not the hundreds of thousands. You can prove your worth by being an expert in your target demographic.

Make Your Content Clickable.

If the click-through being one of the metrics a brand most concerned with. To have the sponsored posts on your blog easily clickable is crucial. Sometimes a way to impress potential brand collaborators.

To have a clear call-to-action appearing next to a product with a direct link to purchasing page can inspire clicks. It also an easy way to make your content work harder and to perform continuous social interaction. In the same way, to add links directly beside the image will perform better than that link at the end of the article. Hence, it inspires the readers to act immediately on the purchasing impulse as it occurs. Instead of five minutes down the track.


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